Putting a Man on the moon.

Leicester City winning the Premier League

Foinavon winning the Grand National

Talking Movies.

Just a few of the things that have actually happened which most would have laughed at before the event.

And while Meath are not the 5000/1 shots the Foxes were or indeed the 100/ shot that Foinavon represented, they are the longest of long shots to overcome the Dubs in tomorrow evening’s Leinster final showdown.

If you doubt thexc oddsmakers’ ability to call things correctly try and recall the last time you saw a bookie opting for a pushbike as their preferred mode of transport.

So the Royals will have to defy the odds and indeed logic if they are to take the Delaney Cup back to the banks of the Boyne.

But hard and all as the task is it can be achieved.

Saying it can be achieved is a long way from thinking it will be though.

Certainly, a repeat showing of the first half performance against Kildare in the semi final and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here will have a host of new viewers long before the finish.

Of course, there is the ‘ what if’ factor, as in what if the Meath side that scored five goals in the final thirty five minutes of that same match turns up for the full game this time.

The truth is that may not even be good enough so many rungs of the ladder are the Dubs ahead.

That’s the thing though when you reach the top of the ladder you can’t go any higher, if you try to then you fall off and if you stay on the top rung someone inevitably forces you ground wards.

Worryingly the attitude around the county appears to suggest supporters will be happy if Meath get close to the Dubs on the final scoreboard.

Even allowing for the fact that Happy was the erm happiest of the seven dwarfs, it is not a train of thought Andy McEntee can allow seep into the dressing room.

This is a time for boys to become men and men to become giants and slay the blue dragon or die with their Adidas Predator boots on.

The team has to remember that impossible is nothing.

Dublin have the best GAA player in the world in Ciaran Kilkenny, but he is not a one man band, there is talent everywhere. They are not five in a row kingpins for nothing.

Cluxton, Rock, Fenton, Small, Cooper all household names whereas Meaths main attacking threat is probably not even a household name in his native Nobber.

That said Jordan Morris has the ability to really introduce himself to the nation tomorrow.

He and his teammates have leathered the leather to the net an incredible twelve times in two games and even allowing for the fact that the Wicklow defence would struggle to stop the 46A at a bus stop that’s some going.

Dublin’s defence does have a tendency to leak goal chances, Stephen Cluxton wouldn’t be recognised as the games outstanding goalkeeper if he hadn’t had plenty of opportunities to prove it, and if, and it’s a massive if, the Royals can find a way past him on a couple of occasions or preferably more they may have a chance.

Without question the fact there will be no crowd there will lessen the nerves for youngsters like Morris, Costelloe, and O’Reilly, and playing without fear will come naturally to that talented trio.

Costelloe has been a scoring sensation from wing back but tomorrow will tell if he can perform the primary role of a defender and actually defend.

Along with the other regular wing back, Donal Keoghan he definitely provides a threat going forward but that may change markedly this time out as they may be forced to mind the house a bit more.

There is little doubt Meath have progressed markedly over what has been the strangest of years, and equally little doubt that the Dubs can’t really improve on their current level.

The gap between the sides should in theory then have narrowed, and tomorrow’s scoreline will probably bear that out.

The scoreline may be different, the result looks likely to be the same.

The Dubs to win after a decent battle.