A former councillor has told Meath Live of the horror he felt when shown social media message that suggested he took his own life.

Willy Fay from Trim, who was a Fine Gael councillor until voluntarily stepping down in 2013, revealed that the posts which appeared on both Facebook, and a freshly created WhatsApp account last Monday morning contained the logo of An Garda Siochana and purported to be from the Garda press office.

And Fay revealed he has no idea who or what was behind the incident.

He said. ‘The messages were clearly well constructed somebody with a good working knowledge of computers went to a lot of trouble to download and insert the Garda logo and that added to the fact the message suggested it was from the Garda press office made it appear very genuine.

‘The WhatsApp account only started on Monday morning last and at first I only heard rumours about it and I passed them off because talk is cheap and there’s always rumours going aroound about something or other.

‘However when I was actually shown what had been written I was horrified and to be honest a little bit shocked.

‘They were saying I had taken my own life and that a gun had been found beside my body.

‘Now I suppose most people would realise that the Gardai would never release such details even if the thing was true but when you see a Garda logo attached to the post it does lend an air of credibility to it.

‘Once the logo was displayed and a link to the Garda press office was established there are enough naïve people around to take the whole thing seriously.

‘I reported the matter to the guards and they are looking into it but for the life of me I cannot think why it happened, I haven’t upset or had a falling out with anyone, it is puzzling me that’s for sure.

‘I would say to people if it happened to me today it could happen you tomorrow and when you see something on social media don’t assume it to be true.’

Gardai have been contacted for comment.