You know how it is when you’re hungry late at night and somebody mentions hamburgers.


You can smell them, sense them and pretty damn soon you want to taste one,


The problem is you live in rural Meath and not alone is there no chipper within the current 5km restriction zone, there’s no chipper nearby at all.


So obviously you decide going to Dublin to buy a burger is the only course of action remaining open to you in a bid to stop the rumbling and grumbling in your stomach.


Except it isn’t as a trio of intrepid Royal County explorers discovered rece


The not so terrific trio managed to drive over 80km to Ringsend in Dublin before cops intervened and asked for a reasonable excuse as to why they were outside the 5km limit.


Their mission, they told Gardaí, was to “buy burgers”.


It turned out to be Mission Impossible however as officers told them that wasn’t a good enough excuse to stray so far from home — and fined all of them €100 each.


Hopefully, they stopped off at a service station on the way home and picked up a packet of Birds Eye’s finest frozen burgers.