Three Joe Bonners there’s only three Joe Bonners!

Some months back Meath Live reported on the fact that an American man called Joe Bonner was receiving countless emails intended for Ashbourne councillor Joe Bonner.

Now a third contestant has entered the race to be declared the one trueJoe 2Joe 3 Joe Bonner, and his well being has just been confirmed in a statement issued by Ashbourne Community Council.

The Council which is not a politically affiliated group has issued their statement, (published below), in a bid to clear up the confusion that arose when political opponents of the councillor went on social media to criticise him over a submission he allegedly made to the draft Meath County development plan.

Subsequently the Ashbourne Joe published a rebuttal in which he revealed his namesake, a Dublin based planning consultant who had made the submission.

What the guy in America makes of all this will emerge soon as Meath Live intends to ask him, but so far he seems blissfully unaware of what the other two Joe’s have become embroiled in.

Judging from the fact that an online petition arguing against the submission has now been removed and other posts on an Ashbourne notice board backing the councillor it seems that for the people of the town the real Joe Bonner has stood up to be counted.

Ashbourne Community Council Statement;

Ashbourne & District Community Council (ADCC) is non political & are not involved in political activities or debates.

However in recent times the community centre grounds have become a political football by some party political activist by giving inaccurate information to our residents.

The facts are as Follows:

Part of the grounds at Ashbourne community centre are zoned A2 since 2008.

In Meath County Council’s Draft development plan 2021 to 2027 there is a proposal to de-zone the ADCC land to G1.

Ashbourne & District Community Council requested Clr. Joe Bonner to submit a motion to Meath County Council for ADCC to retain the current zoning.

ADCC also hired the services of Town Planning Consultant Joe Bonner, (a different Joe Bonner) to prepare a submission on the Draft Development Plan to Meath Co. Council.

The grounds at the community centre are a community asset and all Public representatives, political activists & the residents of Ashbourne should be working to ensure that the lands remain zoned A2 as de-zoning the land reduces the value of this community asset.

Tom Mulvaney


Ashbourne & District Community Council