A local school teacher and Fianna Fail councillor  as slammed the Minister for Education for laying the blame on teachers’ unions for special needs children being unable to return to school as planned yesterday.

Stephen McKee, a Spanis teacher in Eureka Kells, told LMFM’s Michael Reade show, it’s unfair of Norma Foley to solely blame teachers’ unions for children with special educational needs not returning to class yesterday, as there are legitimate safety concerns by school staff and parents.

The reopening was pushed back twice this month after unions and the Department of Education failed to come to an agreement.

McKee claimed, ‘Clearly there is fear, there is anxiety among the public among the teachers, with the new variant people don’t feel safe there is a lot of fear out there among the staff, teachers, and pupils.

‘The lines that schools are safe simply doesn’t wash with people.’

Fianna Fails Stephen McKee