The young woman who left Sinn Fein after a party activist called round to her house and instructed her to delete tweets criticising the party has revealed that she has been forced to make a complaint to Gardai following online threats to her.

And she has been advised that the Gardai will have a ‘presence’ around her home.

The woman also said that while she can handle political and racial abuse she felt compelled to speak with Gardai after chilling personal threats were issued to her on the Curious Cat chat forum.

Speaking to Meath Live, Christine O’Mahony from Balrath, between Duleel and Kentstown, who is of mixed race also told of how she courageously faced down vile racial comments forced in a summer job when she was a student but now feels concerned enough to get the guards involved in this latest incident.

Although the threats were sent anonymously, and there is nothing to connect them with Sinn Fein they do mention the republican cause.


They also threaten to take ‘direct action’ against her.


One accused her of ‘betraying the republican movement’, while even more worryingly a second said ‘the punishment for treason is well known and it will be carried out to the letter.’

Even more concerning was a third threat that stated, ‘Your campaign of slander against senior Republicans is being actively monitored’.

And another threatened, ‘We will take steps to bring you into compliance.’

Christine claimed, ‘I’ve got a lot of stick since I left SF and I have tried to stay strong and it took a lot for me to take the final step of making a complaint, but when it moved from personally abusive to threatening I had to do something.

‘I intend to see this through to the end and the guards have been brilliant they told me they will explore every avenue to find out who sent them, starting by contacting the site to find who owns the IP address.

‘They also told me they will have a visible presence around my house in case someone is actually serious about all this and intends following through on their threats.’

A Garda spokesman said, ‘GardaĆ­ in Navan are investigating reports of threatening messages received by a female in her 20s from Navan.

‘The investigation is ongoing and no further information is available at this time’.n

Christine, who is openly bisexual, and whose big regret is being too young to vote yes in the same sex marriage referendum of 2015, says she feels betrayed by a person who she thought was a friend breaking a confidence that ultimately led to her leaving Sinn Fein.

‘I have two Twitter accounts one of which is public and the other a private one that has only sixty people who can see the tweets.

‘I posted a critical tweet publicly about the party’s views on greyhound racing and I was advised by Sinn Fein that I shouldn’t do so and should delete the tweet.

‘I understood that point of view and did what they asked but when I sent somebody, who I thought was a friend, a tweet on my private account, they took a screenshot of it and sent it to Caoimhin McCann the leader of Ogra Sinn Fein and everything unravelled from there.

‘So yes I feel very let down by that person, 100% I feel betrayed.

‘Look I am no shrinking violet, I can handle most situations, for example back in 2015 ‘I was working as a caterer and kitchen assistant in a business in Clontarf, I was employed through an agency and was working in a different place each week.

‘In this one premises a fellow employee, who was fully black, whereas I am mixed race, said to me ‘You’re a mongrel’, and started asking me if my dad had a mistress and was my mum black.

‘It was said with venom and it shocked me, I never done anything about it as I knew I was only there for a few more days anyway and I just didn’t want the hassle of having to face him every day after complaining about him.

‘The facts are I am adopted, my real Mum was white and she died when I was three, my dad who I have never met was black, but none of that should matter, skin colour shouldn’t come into it.

‘I was strong enough to deal with that and with people calling round to my house to effectively warn me off but when the threats got personal I had to act and hopefully whoever sent them can be found.’

Sinn Fein did not respond to requests for comment.