The doyen of Meath County Council, Independent Brian Fitzgerald, has told Meath Live he is sticking to his guns and will not be participating via Zoom in meetings over the county development plan.

Fitzgerald has been a councillor for 36 years and is regarded as the voice of experience in the chamber.

However that voice is missing currently as the Kilcloon man feels that Zoom meetings do not allow proper consideration of the plan.

He said, ‘I have done Zoom meetings for various other matters but I feel the development plan is such a serious issue it merits judicious and serious consideration something I feel is best served in a face to face discussion by councillors.

‘People have said to me that by not participating I am letting down my constituents but I feel the opposite I would be of the opinion that I can only represent them properly by being in aroom with fellow members and discussing this thoroughly.

‘I advised the council of my views months ago and while I understand their opinion in my view virtual meetings are not the way to go.

‘For some councillors this may be their first time involved in a county development plan discussion, it;s certainly not mine and it is such a crucial issue it deserves closer consideration than being viewd remotely.’