Beaufort Community Nursing Unit in Navan has been confirmed as the nursing home where 22 vials of Covid-19 vaccine had to be dumped because of incorrect storage.

It is believed that each vial can contain up to six doses and that at least 132 doses were wasted.

The HSE has confirmed that the vials that were delivered to Beaufort CNU were incorrectly stored and the appropriate cold chain was not in place.

“Unfortunately these vials cannot now be used,” according to a statement from the HSE.

“It is disappointing for all concerned, residents and staff. We are sorry that this incident has taken place. All eligible residents have been vaccinated along with the majority of staff. We aim to vaccinate remaining staff in the coming days,” according to the statement.

“We are very conscious that this is upsetting news for families, residents and staff members who are working hard to protect residents from Covid-19 and we are offering a range of supports to all concerned.

“The breach has been reported and all necessary processes will be followed. We are making every effort to fix the situation. We will learn from it and share that learning.”