A Meath pub has shared dramatic footage of a car colliding with a cyclist at what is rapidly becoming one of the most dangerous junctions in the county.

Swan’s of Curragaha posted the clip and commented, ‘Had to share this video folks.

‘After hundreds of complaints and appeals to the council, still, nothing has been done to address motorists speeding through our village and the lack of signage at the junction.
‘This has led to many unnecessary accidents and tragically even loss of life.
‘It is a totally avoidable waste of emergency services time and resources several times a year not to mention causing unnecessary pain and suffering for the victims!
‘How many people must die before action is taken?
‘How much does it cost to install speed bumps?
‘How much is a human life worth?
‘ Locals want action, not empty promises!’
The video link is below and thankfully in follow up post the pubs page revealed the driver is recovering, when they posted,

‘Lads and Lassies, just need to clear up a few details, thanks to the guys in TUD creations for making this video, I’m delighted to say that the cyclist is recovering from the accident, the driver made the same mistake several other drivers make on a daily basis by sailing through the junction! Thank you to all councillors who helped with realigning the road and initial works carried out but please do not wait for pipe laying that might never happen ! Speed and near misses are still happening!
‘Our local councillors work really hard and do not deserve personal insults online! They are often criticised for carrying out temporary works but in this instance, we in the locality are convinced it will save a life!
Thank you and stay safe!’

Now Meath County Council has confirmed that temporary ramps have been ordered for the dangerous junction.

The local authority has said that in late 2019, interim traffic calming measures were carried out as part of the R155 Curragha Road Safety Improvement scheme which included proposed ramps and a crossing near the school, kerbing, and a raised table at the crossroads junction and additional footpaths.

The remainder of the works are to be carried out when proposed upgrade works by Irish Water through Curragha has been completed.

It involves the excavation of the road and/or the verges at this location.

A spokesperson confirmed that temporary ramps are on order at the moment and will be installed as soon as they are received.

They added that road safety is a shared responsibility and road users must play their part in this by adhering to speed limits and being cognizant of other road users.


VIDEO LINK;https://www.facebook.com/downtheswannie/videos/864881711001866