David Gough says motivation is a challenge for referees at the moment as they remain somewhat in the dark about the weeks and months ahead.

Speaking to RTE’s Morning Ireland programme, the Meath native discussed the current state of play for officials during lockdown and how “motivation can be quite difficult to come by at the moment”.

9 July 2017; Referee David Gough during the Connacht GAA Football Senior Championship Final match between Galway and Roscommon at Pearse Stadium in Galway. Photo by Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

“It’s not been easy. Each lockdown has brought a different level of anxiety around when we were going to get back out,” said Gough.

“And it’s hard to stay motivated and to stay fit. Unlike inter-county teams we don’t have the facilities to meet the same way twice a week or more when normality sort of resumes.

“So even having to train on our own is nothing new to us. But with no prospect of matches in sight and a smaller number of matches, it has been very difficult for referees to stay motivated.

“But Croke Park, in fairness to them, were not set up for online learning this time last year, but they have moved very quick and they are keeping us up to date as best they can and having small seminars, clips and offering bits and pieces of advice, along with training schedules.

“So, the help is there for us. It’s just the motivation can be quite difficult to come by at the moment.”