Beer drinkers everywhere would be weeping into their pints, if they had any, at the news that one of Meaths most iconic boozers is to be temporarily turned into a wildlife hospital.

The Tara Na Ri, at Garlow Cross, just outside Navan, has been witness to many celebrations of Walterstown GFC successes, at one point, or should that be pint, Benny from the ITV soap opera Crossroads joined in the mayhem, but like all other bars, the shutters came down due to Covid.

And now it is to be repurposed as the country’s first-ever wildlife hospital.

The new headquarters for Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland will be based behind the Tara na Rí at Garlow Cross on the outskirts of Navan.

The charity will take use of the stables on the half-acre site.

The upstairs of the pub will provide room for administration and accommodation for the group’s volunteers while the beer remains on ice due to Covid-19 restrictions.

So long as the wildlife benefits we’ll raise a glass to that.