The owner of one of Meath’s longest established travel agencies has hit out at comments made earlier this week by Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary.

The airlines CEO spoke out on RTE’s Liveline about the# criticism his company had received relating to delays in refunding customers for flights cancelled during the pandemic.

Martin Skelly, from Navan Travel, told Meath Live, ‘ Our objective is to look after the best interests of our many thousands of customers, we are bonded travel agents and if you have a booking with us your money is safe.

‘We are the middleman and we do our best to source suppliers to guarantee a quality service to many thousands of customers in the travel sector.

‘Ryanair just wants to have a monopoly on their own services they want to own customers and don’t want people to use the other travel agencies and airline websites.

‘No one can doubt the success of the low cost airline but at a time and when every euro is important, they need to resolve the issues.

‘Michael O’Leary is an opportunist and past specialist in his ability to get publicity for his successful airline.

‘We estimate that refunds, in the tune of € 20 million are due by Ryanair and people entitled to get the refunds’.

Skelly, whose business is currently operating behind closed doors, has accepted that he will have to deal with Ryanair in the future despite the ongoing situation.

‘We will see fit to use Ryanair services when necessary. It is our core ideal to look after the customer and do our best for them.

‘However, I feel they should get the refunds out and into the people’s accounts as soon as possible and lets all move on’.

Martin Skelly has traded successfully in Navan since 1972 and can be contacted at 046 9068600 or