The HSE has denied that they are providing accommodation to Covid-positive healthcare workers in two hotels in the north east

Reports had suggested that the hotels in question, which accommodates non-Covid guests under Level 5 restrictions, such as essential workers, has also been used to house healthcare staff who have tested positive for the virus.

A local healthcare worker who caught the virus at work was reportedly housed in one of the hotels because they live with vulnerable people at home.

However in a statement, the HSE says they “under no circumstances”  accommodate Covid-positive healthcare workers in hotels.

They say hotels are only used for healthcare workers in the following scenarios:

– The worker is currently living in shared accommodation with other health services workers.

– The worker is working in a Covid-positive/potentially Covid-positive environment and who may have a person in the high risk categories vulnerable to infection in their home setting and therefore who cannot return to their home setting between shifts.

– Live with a person who has been instructed to self-quarantine.

– Required to work longer than usual shifts or overtime and who will not therefore have time to return home between shifts.