Meath litter warden, Alan Nolan, has refused to comment to Meat Live, on the fact that he discovered a number of sex toys during an attempt to find out who owned rubbish that had been dumped in a ditch in East Meath.

It is understood there were two separate discoveries one last September and a second in Gormanston on the Dublin border just last week

However when contacted Nolan said, ‘I won’t speak to you on that I won’t comment to you at all, I have nothing to say to you about it.’

Sources have told us, ‘The warden was alerted about a location where items had been dumped illegally in East Meath and when he arrived there one of the items he observed was a suitcase.

‘He opened the case to see if whoever dumped it had left any evidence that might identify them and was stunned when a number of sex toys began to spill out, but whoever had thrown them out was smart enough to conceal their identity.

‘Maybe someone dumped them by accident but I doubt they would be too keen to contact the council and claim them if they did.’