Independent councillor Alan Lawes that has told Meath Live  ‘It appears slurry is being spread on an industrial scale near a river close to Garlow Cross’.


Lawes raised the issue at today’s meeting of the Navan Municipal District and Meath Live understands that Meath county council is currently investigating the matter.


The situation was initially raised by the chairman of the Boyne Catchment Area Anglers Association, Patrick O’Toole, in a letter sent to the councils’ environmental section and to all individual councillors.


Lawes revealed that, by sheer chance, he actually observed what was going on himself.


‘ I travel that road to and from work and what I witnessed over two days last week was at least 5 articulated tankers waiting at the side of the road queuing up to be emptied by a tractor. The trucks all carried the same green logo/company name.

I would have no background or knowledge of slurry spreading, but as far as I know, it shouldn’t be done when we have heavy rain. But what was not normal about this incident, it was obviously not one farmer spreading slurry this was been carried out on an industrial scale which is very worrying so close to the river.’
In his detailed letter, Pat O’Toole outlined a number of technical issues, and he told Meath Live on Wednesday, ‘There are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to in relation to the spreading of slurry one of which is you do not spread it when it is very wet, but this seems to have been done.
‘Alan Lawes would be accurate in stating that the volume of slurry being spread on this land is of an industrial scale given the number of articulated tankers that were present on the day in question.
‘Where this is going on is within 250m of the River Goura which along with the River Skane is one of the most important spawning areas for Atlantic Salmon and wild brown trout in the whole of the Boyne Catchment ‘
A council spokesperson stated, ‘This matter was raised at this morning’s (Wednesday) Navan MD meeting, where the councillors were advised that Council Officials have carried out an investigation they asked for a report on the incident and the Council confirmed that such a report will be prepared’.