Ireland’s unluckiest postman appears to be alive and well and living in Meath.

But the poor postie failed to deliver recently and now finds himself in a state of limbo.

The postman was covering a route in the Royal County when he was faced with the task of delivering the mail nobody wants a stack of electric and gas bills.

As he meandered the country lanes and byways inspiration struck.

He had to pull the van in as he was faced with an oncoming bin lorry, which inspired his master plan.

Realising that the bin lorry was due to collect from the next house along the road our intrepid hero duly dashed down and dumped the offending envelopes in their bin to be disposed of in the soon to arrive lorry.

A brainwave to end all brainwaves as letters would soon be untraceable.

That’s when things started to unravel.

What our man didn’t know, and in fairness couldn’t have known, was that the occupants of the property had recently become new parents and in the ensuing excitement had, understandably, overlooked paying the waste collection bill with the result the lorry drove past their house without collecting what was in their bins.

When the homeowners next attempted to place domestic rubbish in their bin they discovered it was overflowing with mail that wasn’t theirs.

They made contact with their local Post Office and the rest, along it seems with the unlucky postie, was history.

An Post has been contacted for comment.