Meath County Council welcomes the recent announcement of a €12.9 million investment to be provided this year to the Council by the National Transport Authority for sustainable transport projects. The funding is being provided under the Programme for Government published last June, which sets out ambitious targets for the delivery of cycling and walking projects over five years, with an anticipated €1.8 billion in funding to be provided nationally over the lifetime of the Programme.

This year’s funding allocation, part of a multi-annual funding commitment, combined with the recent confirmation from the Minister for Transport in relation to the provision of funding for additional staffing resources to Meath County Council for the delivery of this programme, is a welcome contribution to the development of transport infrastructure in County Meath.

Meath County Council looks forward to working on the delivery of sustainable transport projects under this programme, which builds on the delivery of other transport projects in the County, and further amplifies the Council’s efforts to date in influencing environmentally positive transport choice in County Meath.

Meath County Council CEO Jackie Maguire said: “In partnership with the NTA, Meath County Council continues to mitigate the challenges of Climate Change by providing infrastructure to offer sustainable transport choices, thus reducing both our reliance on car based trips and associated transport carbon footprint. Walking and cycling as we all know are the most sustainable modes of transport available in terms of their positive impacts on the environment. The Active Travel Funding will contribute greatly towards achieving the delivery of the Council’s policies and objectives set out within the Meath County Council County Development Plan and our targeted actions contained in our recently published Climate Strategy. The level of funding allocated to County Meath this year is a significant increase on allocations previously provided, and with the provision of additional staff, we aim to deliver the ambitious programme of sustainable measures and infrastructure to support active and healthy lifestyles and improve the environment and quality of life in County Meath”.