It’s boxings’ second most famous intro.


If Michael Buffer coined, ‘Let’s get ready to rumble’, Jimmy Leonard Jnr patented, ‘It’s Showtime.’


And if boxing is regarded as a tough sport then in this era of the pandemic being involved in the retail sector is equally tough, even if you are an essential business called Showtime.


The brutal reality of trading even as an essential business is evident from the comments of Paul Hughes owner of Showtime Equestrian.


Based on Emmet Street, Trim the shop specializes in all the needs for equestrian produce and has managed to ride out the storm so far, although as Paul told Meath Live it has been far from easy,  ‘This has been a tough and challenging time for everyone although those lucky enough to have a horse or pet have some enhanced enjoyment.


‘We are open as people need our services for feedstuffs and supplements for their horses. The reality is I’m doing as much as I can to keep the doors open. I have to look after my customers and they have been loyal to me. It is up to us to be here for them now. The horses don’t know about Covid restrictions.


‘ The downside is we have had to let our part time staff go until normal trading is permitted again. We are just about keeping our head above the water but it’s bloody tough.


‘On the positive side at least we can be open admits Paul having to lay of staff is regrettable but look around the streets of Trim or anywhere for that matter there very few shops open. We are lucky to some degree’.


As if Covid didn’t cause enough problems Paul has had to cope with Brexit being lumped on top of that again


‘It has brought added pressures, more documentation, more delays in supplies and we now have to look elsewhere, to places such as France, Spain, and Italy for new suppliers. I have a good relationship with my suppliers in the UK but this has been a difficult situation. The new rules bring on complications we could do without at the minute.


‘Of course, this will pass and things will improve but for now, I want to extend  a big thank you to all our customers for their support and at times a bit of patience which is needed by everyone including ourselves’

pic; Ian Scully photography


Showtime has traded in Trim for over eight years and is located on Emmet Street.

Showtime Equestrian can be contacted by phone at 046 943 7615 or mobile 085 874 6958;