Ewe will scarcely believe it but in what a vet has described as a million times a million to one shot two neighbouring farmers saw their sheep both deliver sextuplets on the same day and incredibly all twelve lambs survived.

And in an even more bizarre twist one of the sensational set of six were delivered by identical twins!

The incredible events took place on the farms of Bernard Fox in Kildalkey, Co Meath and Jerry Teahan, just fifteen minutes drive away in Longwood.

Jerry’s son Timmy, told the Mail On Sunday, It’s mad like, it is extremely unsual for it to happen at all never mind to to two farmers close together.

‘We have put ours down to having atop class ram, he has sired a few sets of triplets, and even a set of quadruplets, but we never expected this.

‘I was actually being home schooled at the time and my brother was there when she had the first one around 9 am and around eleven o clock I nipped out in between French and Maths and she had delivered five, and when I went back up at one o clock she had six around her which kind of shocked me.

‘I only heard a few days later that someone in Kildalkey had the same thing happen on the same day and I couldn’t believe it.’

At the same time as the excitement was mounting in the Teahan’s identical twin brothers Shane and Pauric Monaghan, who were off school due to lockdown restrictions, were setting to work helping birth a sheep in Bernard Fox’s yard.

Bernard’s wife Grace revealed, ‘We were shocked when six popped out as she had been scanned for four, now I am a vet myself and I know scanning is not an exact science, but still we never expected that many.

‘The two lads birthed her and I have to say without them assisting her there is no way the six would have survived.

‘When we heard what had happened just up the road we thought it was unbelievable altogether, in all my time in the farming game I never heard of it happening.’

The Fox’s put the fact their sheep had six lambs down as a ‘million to one shot’, but John Drumm, who runs the Blackwater Veterinary clinic in Ballivor and has both farmers as client thinks the odds are even more outrageous than that.

He said, ‘A million to one ?, no in fairness it is more like a million times a million to one and I am not exaggerating it at that, never mind have I not seen anything like that I have never heard of anything like it either.

‘In every litter, especially in multiple births there is usually one weakling who will not pull through but in this case all twelve survived and you would get decent odds on that happening.

‘For two farms so close to each other to both have sextuplets delivered on the same day is actually quite incredible.’

Timmy Teahan with one of the sextuplets