The Meath West Social Democrats branch participated in a biodiversity campaign on the 20th of March, called “Spring into Action”. This campaign was started by Louise O’Donnell from the Cork branch of the Social Democrats. O’Donnell told Meath Live that she was inspired to set up this campaign because last November, a local activist did a talk with them on our river systems and the pollution issues. The aim of her campaign was to get all Social Democrat members out to do some work and to make their communities more beautiful. She also wanted people to spread the word about biodiversity.


Biodiversity has a positive impact on the environment. It is very important especially during the climate change crisis. One must add it provides breathtakingly beautiful views. Canadian Science broadcaster and Environmental activist, David Suzuki claimed: “I can’t imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive”. Wicklow Social Democrats TD, Jennifer Whitmore echoed Suzuki’s points and encouraged everyone to take part in this campaign. The Social Democrats party has a policy on biodiversity as biodiversity loss is one of the biggest challenges that Ireland faces.


In the Meath West constituency, baskets were placed in 3 different locations: Robinstown, Lorenzen’s butchers in Navan and Cult Zero in Trim. Members of the public were encouraged to take home a bag of wildflower seeds that were in the baskets and to find a green space within their 5kms and plant them. O’Donnell says it is her hope that we will be able to see them bloom over the summer.


Meath West Social Democrats activists not only sowed seeds in their area, they also did some litter picking with biodegradable bags, an activity many Social Democrats members have offered to do, during the pandemic. Every little helps, to tackle climate change.


O’Donnell notes that the campaign was a success and many families took part and posted their pictures on social media, using the hashtag #springintoaction. O’Donnell now plans to turn this into an annual event.


Trim based Social Democrats Councillor, Cllr Ronan Moore, as part of the Spring into Action campaign, made a Bat Box by hand to encourage wild life into the area. Moore claims, “In Meath, having already had great success with the council promoting ‘Green Kilometre’, the Spring into Action was a Social Democrat national initiative that built on local enthusiasm for our natural world. In doing it, it helped get people interested and active in the natural

environment of their local communities whether it was in continuing the county clean-up or in planting native wildflower and tree species”.