An angry politician has demanded whoever is responsible for the destruction of trees in a towns residential area should ‘Leaf’ it out and called on council bosses to launch a root and branch investigation to discover who should be for the chop.

Healthy trees, ageing approximately 100 years old have been cut down and pulped in Blackcastle Avenue in Navan. It is alleged that this was carried about by a development company , approximately three days ago.

Navan based Sinn Féin Councillor, Eddie Fennessy, told Meath Live, “Numerous constituents contacted me over the past few days to raise concerns about tree felling on the Blackcastle Avenue site in the centre of Navan. Pictures and videos were sent showing the utter devastation wrought on the area by a development company who are constructing houses nearby”.

Fennessy immediately got onto Meath County Council and An Garda Síochána about the issue. He states that  ‘Ancient trees, vegetation and wildlife have been completely destroyed. The avenue is a Special Area of Conservation and no planning permission was sought to do this work. It is a crime against nature, there is no justification for this destruction at all. I urge Meath County Council to act without haste before the area is damaged irreparably”.

Meath County Council confirmed that while the trees in questions do not have a TPO status, they are protected and preserved under the Navan Development Plan 2009-2015.

The issue is currently being investigated by the council and Navan Gardaí.

A furious Fennessy revealed that council officials have left him in the dark over their efforts, after telling him “While an investigation is continuing, Meath County Council is not permitted to provide details of that investigation such as updates on findings following inspections or possible action to be taken, as to do so could prejudice the case and interfere with the Administration of Justice and Planning Enforcement”.

Aontú Councillor Emer Tóibín also voiced her concern and claimed that four men were spotted carrying out this allegedly unlawful activity. She was told by Meath County Council that there may be a delayed response with their investigation, which she finds very concerning.