At the March meeting of the Navan Municipal district, Fine Gael Councillor, Yemi Adenuga, put forward a motion, calling on Meath County Council to provide parklets at suitable places in Navan Town Centre, in the hopes to drive local engagement and support for local businesses in the Summer.

A parklet is essentially a small seating area alongside a pavement

To illustrate her suggestion, on Saturday last, Adenuga, alongside Navan Cycling Initiative set up a parklet on Trimgate Street in the town, to show the local community what it would be like. Tables, chairs, blooming flower pots and coffee cups were all brought out for the event.


The display gained a lot of traction and people stayed to have a chat with them.


Adenuga has been in contact with many business owners, many look forward to this parklet idea being implemented during the summer and it is their hope to gain more customers. However, some are concerned that these parklets will be taking up parking spaces for people in the area. Adamant Adenuga has tried to reassure them that only two parking spaces might be used and tried to get them to understand that footfall has brought more revenue for business owners.


She told  Meath Live, that it would be ideal if a parklet could be placed outside a Café and people can order coffee and sit outside and bring friends and get some fresh air. They might decide to buy cake with their coffee and spend more time in the area rather than just buying a take away coffee and walking away.


This initiative could get the town “buzzing”, and people will actually want to go to town. Other County Councillors that Adenuga has been in contact with told her that they are happy to have this progress and think it will be great for the town.


Cycling lanes in Navan, is also on Adenuga’s long list of concerns. She claims there are too many disconnected cycling lanes. Many cyclists have no choice but to cycle on the main road, which is sometimes not safe.


Adenuga wants safer measures put in place and to encourage people to walk and cycle more. She notes that people are already cycling, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. She wants to make sure there are covid mobility measures in place and has brought motions forward on these issues.


The Meath County Development Plan could see all these measures being put in place, however Adenuga notes it will take a “long time  for this to be delivered”, approximately five years.


The 1st phase of the plan which will take a couple months to be put in place, will see circular roads in the area. Adenuga states she wants bollards up in the mean time and notes the difficulty for cyclists, cycling from Johnstown to the R147 road.


Ardent Adenuga is a strong believer of ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ and is determined to see Navan as a cycle friendly and people orientated town very soon.