Meath County Council has stated that parking on the beach at Bettystown or Laytown is prohibited. If people wish to park there is some on street parking available in the area or additional parking is available at €4 per day at Funtasia, Bettystown.


The Council encourages people to find alternatives to get to Bettystown/Laytown, which can include cycling, using the bus/train, or walking.


The Council also noted that a small number of parking spaces are available for disability badge holders and older persons in designated bays on the beach at Bettystown. But warned that these areas will be patrolled by wardens and that tickets will be issued to people who are not eligible to park at these spaces.


The fight for car free beaches took place at last months council meeting. Fianna Fáil’s Cllr Tom Behan said a motion was put forward calling for a permanent ban on vehicles parking on “our” beaches. However, this motion did not pass. Fine Gael’s Cllr Sharon Tolan claimed: “politicking took over”.


Despite this, an amendment was put forward by Behan asking for a 6-month extension, which passed. Behan stated, “parking will not be returning to our beaches in Meath for the foreseeable future”.


Fine Gael’s Cllr Paddy Meade said “unless there is alternative parking in place, an outright ban would be crazy”. However, Behan believes they can deliver additional parking and a permanent ban on parking is in reach in the near future.