A Public Meeting will be held this week on a new Aontú Bill that seeks to underground the North South Interconnector. It will be on line and held on Thursday the 20th of May at 7.30pm. Those interested in attending should email peadartoibin@gmail.com.

Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD, the author of the Bill has stated that clock is ticking down on this issue. “We need to bury these cables once and for all. We have over 10 years of talk from the establishment parties and yet the project continues to proceed. The Aontú Bill, will, if passed force the government to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the full cost and damage of over grounding the cables. This has never been done before. It would, I believe force the government to underground the North South Interconnector”.

“In order to improve the chances of getting this bill through the Dáil in time I invited each TD in Meath to cosign this Bill. This is very unusual for any party to do, as usually party self interest means parties who develop such Bills keep it to themselves. However this issue is too important. We need to get as many people behind it as possible. I have requested through the media, emailed, phoned and texted each TD in the county asking them to sign this Bill and shockingly out of the 6 TDs only 1 TD other than myself has signed it to date. No FF or FG TD has signed the Bill. Wednesday the 19th is the last date that a TD can sign this Bill as it will be debated on the floor of the Dail on Tuesday the 25th of May”.

“FF and FG have spoken for possibly hundreds of hours at public meetings and debates on the North South Inter Connector and yet when it comes to putting their signature where their mouth is, they refuse to do it so far”.