Furious Meath residents are venting their anger at having to travel outside the county, to Mullingar in Westmeath, to receive their Covid vaccinations.

One man, from Slane in East Meath, has to be in Mullingar at 9.30 am one day next week a round trip of 126km.

He told Meath Live, ‘I am furious over this I can be at the Simonstown centre in fifteen minutes from my house and now I am facing an hour’s drive each way, and depending on what vaccination I get I may have to go back there in twelve weeks time.

‘ Surely there has to be another centre established in Meath if Simonstown is that busy.’

Sinn Féin TD for East Meath, Darren O’Rourke, agrees and told us he had spoken to the HSE about the situation and even come up with some obvious options for a second centre.

O’Rourke said, Simonstown is working at capacity. It’s not good enough. We need capacity in the county for the county. We need a second vaccine centre to ensure efficient rollout and to maintain public confidence in the system.

‘There are other GAA centres that could be utilised, failing that some of the currently vacant hotels or even the racecourse complex at Fairyhouse.’