Communications giant, Eircom, have been accused of trying to sneak through a planning application to erect a mast in the centre of a Meath village under cover of Covid.

Sinn Féin councillor Michael Gallagher, told Meath Live that the move, to get approval for the mast in Drunconrath, was made at a time when the community could not gather together to oppose it.

He said, ‘ There was no consultation about this at all they tried to get it in under cover of Covid when we were unable to organise as a community to object to what was happening.

‘I have to emphasise we are not objecting to it going up it is more so the location of it as the proposal seeks to place it at the lowest point in the village where it is eight metres higher than the neighbouring building.

‘There is a hill about a kilometre outside the village on which there are other masts already so the sensible thing would be to locate it there alongside the rest of them.

‘There are of course health issues to be considered as well there are studies out there which suggest links between such masts and cancer and that has to be examined.’