Cllr Noel French has told Meath Live that it will take “147  years to clear the housing list” if we continue to reduce the housing waitlist the same way we did last year as 2020 saw just a 0.7% decrease in Meath County Council’s housing list a decrease from 1705 in 2019 to 1703 a year later.


French said, “Meath County Council made direct allocations of 300 houses last year. Approved housing bodies provided 254 houses. HAP was used to provide 725 homes for people. That gives a total of nearly 1300 homes provided and yet we only make a 0.7% impact in the numbers. How can this be allowed to go on? Again, I do not blame the housing section this is not their fault”.


French claimed, “We need to change the approach in order to change the result. We have 247 applicants on the housing list for more than 7 years. We cannot have people long term on the homeless list”.


Meath Live can reveal the Waitlist Time scale:

Ø Less than 6 months 251

Ø 6 – 12 months 187

Ø 1 – 2 years 317

Ø 2 – 3 years 281

Ø 3 – 4 years 143

Ø 4 – 5 years 99

Ø 5 – 7 years 178

Ø More than 7 years 247