There has been a massive rise in the numbers of men using the services of a locally based support group for males who suffer domestic violence.

Kathrina Bentley, is the CEO of Men’s Aid Ireland, a domestic abuse treatment center for men, located in Navan and she revealed to Meath Live that on Monday of this week they supported 24 men, and that in the first 3 months of 2021 they supported 1,641 men through their services.

These men came from 25 different countries, many of them struggled with addiction, homelessness, and suicide ideation.

Bentley said, “As Ireland has zero refuges for men, homelessness is a major daily issue for us sadly. The dads have nowhere to go”.

When asked has domestic violence incidents risen since the covid19 pandemic, Bentley told Meath Live, “yes- at least a 40% increase in contacts to our services unfortunately”.