Katie Taylor risks becoming the greatest fighter you never saw.

Well unless you go PPV on Sky because for her 18 straight wins as a pro KT as she is styled has never fought in Ireland.

Taylor is the undisputed queen of the women’s game and is right up there with Collins, McCullough Frampton, McCauley and Dunne in the debate over who is Ireland’s greatest ever professional boxer.

The difference is that all the rest have had big bouts here Taylor, in fairness, through no fault of her own has not.

The events of the Regency Hotel weigh in appear to have effective killed off the pro game in this country, but should that be the case,

Nelson thinks not, as surely it is not beyond the security forces here to establish a plan that will guarantee the safety of all those who attend a boxing show.

The big players on the criminal scene here are all readily identifiable to most Gardai so stopping them accessing the weigh in or the bouts, that of course is when crowds are allowed back at sports events, should not prove impossible.

Gangsters have along association with the sport, for many years the Mafia controlled the world heavyweight champion, so the fact that Daniel Kinahan established MGM should not surprise anyone.

When the doors are open to spectators again it is time Katie came home, she may be a class act on the world stage, she needs to show her appreciation of the fans and fight people who launched her.

And a Meath man can be the catalyst, Katie is managed by Dunshaughlin’s Brian Peters, and as somebody who has spent a lifetime in the game he knows how much boxing means to the Irish sports public.

It’s time it came back to these shores.

Also on a boxing front it is a sad state of affairs that so far only one Irish fighter will enter the ring at the Tokyo Olympics, Brendan Irvine been our sole representative qualified at the moment.

There was a production line of medallists from the Stadium on the South Circular road and in high performance director Bernard Dunne the right man is in place at the moment to reset the machine, but it certainly gives an answer to those who asked if we would really miss Billy Walsh after he was shafted.

We do.

So the big teams filled the top four places in the recently completed Premier League and deservedly so.

Hey all, but especially Manchester City and Liverpool showed serious bouncebackability after dips at various stages throughout the season.

It is suggested that Leicester City were unfortunate not to make the Champions League slots after being in the top four for the vast majority of the season.

Can’t agree with that.

Leicester nine games at home during the season, that is 50% and the reality is that is what cost them not any last day blip against Spurs.

The Foxes though having finished fifth twice on the trot are threatening to re enter a party they gatecrashed in spectacular style when winning the title back in 2016 and the suggestion they are bottlers was surely put to bed when they won the FA Cup final despite being second best for long periods against Chelsea.

The real concern should be that nobody else is coming close to ruffling the big boys feathers.

West Ham have had a good season, Leicester have had six of them!

Aston Villa flattered to deceive, Arsenal, Spurs, and historically Everton should be doing better.

The team that could just kick on and re emerge as a big player is Leeds United.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Sir Alex Ferguson suggested that Leicester and Leeds should always be in and around the top as they are one club cities and it’s a fair point.

However so to are Newcastle and if they ever manage to get someone to come up with proper investment who knows what they could achieve.

One thing is for certain though the big six clubs dominance has not just been broken the pretenders to the throne are on the verge of shattering it completely.

Goals Goals Goals.

It has been raining goals so far in the Allianz football league, there has been threes and fours going in all over the place as the old adage has been changed to ‘Take your goals the points will come’ and the green flag umpires are set to petition for overtime.

Perhaps it is due to the ‘supposedly’ closed period in which teams could not train together resulting in defensive systems not yet being fine tuned.

Or, forgive old Nelson his cynicism, could it be that the new rules that see the awarding of a penalty for a black card offence close to goal are paying off.

Players are not fools and when there team is in a commanding position they will let an attacker in a dangerous position carry on rather than risk being sin binned.

Will they do the same when championship comes around ?

Nelson can’t wait to see what Santa brings him for Christmas.