The town of Trim has been receiving a lot of attention recently. Firstly, it was chosen as a decarbonisation zone, then it was chosen to be part of a Urbact EU project for sustainable development goals, now Cllr Noel French has revealed that Trim forms a major part of the new Fáilte Ireland Plan for the ancient section of Ireland’s Ancient East in a five-year plan which was announced recently.


French said, “Trim will benefit from being the focus of investment in projects identified by Fáilte Ireland”.


The Ancient Destination Experience Development Plan (ADEDP) is a five-year destination development plan. It is designed to be a roadmap for enhancing the existing Ancient visitor proposition to achieve the objectives of addressing seasonality, increasing visitor numbers, improving dwell time and visitor dispersion across the destination. This DEDP will be completed over the next five years and is primarily focussed on the area known as the Boyne Valley extending across counties Meath and South Louth. The DEDP will extend into North Louth and parts of Cavan, Monaghan and Westmeath with relevance to the Ancient proposition.


Meath Live can reveal the 4 projects, Trim is part of as part of the Fáite Ireland Plan:


· Project 3: Trim Castle

Provide experience development support for the development of a visitor experience combining the development requirements of Trim Castle and Trim as identified in the Boyne Valley Masterplan and supported by the destination town activity.

Continue to provide experience development support for the development and a working group to continually review and upgrade the visitor experience requirements based on the agreed new investment into Trim Castle.

This element will focus on assessing the impact of investment into major attractions across the destination that includes recent investment in Brú na Bóinne and proposed works at Trim Castle. The target outputs of this investment will include increased footfall.

· Project 11: Greenways & Blueways Development

Create an experience plan for the development and usage of the Blueway from Trim to Bective.

Undertake a review of the requirements to create a more accessible and user friendly Blueway trail head in Trim. The development of the Blueway at Trim Castle and access to the Boyne at Oldbridge represent other key areas for activity growth. The longer-term objectives of the Boyne Navigation and Greenway will be the development of an activity.

· Project 15: Púca – Halloween Festival

Develop a Púca working group to create, review and implement festival development proposals for the 3 areas of Trim, Drogheda and Athboy. Devise a growth strategy for the Púca festival

incorporating industry opportunities to sustain year-round experiences in Trim, Drogheda and Athboy.

· Project 22: Tourism Destination Town – Trim

Destination towns as hubs such as Trim and Drogheda and emerging gateway towns that can offer a distinctive visitor experience based on adoption of core cluster themes e.g., Heritage, Activity, Food, Culture.

Create a tourism destination town development plan for Trim. Devise a coordinated destination town strategy for Trim.

Develop the Porchfields project to create an animated visitor and community space. Undertake a capacity review of the tourism trade to identify immediate tourism industry training requirements and accommodation provider capabilities. Supporting our tourism partners: LEMONROCK BIKE TOURS: Provide experience development support for the development to establish Trim as national base for incoming motor bike tours. BOYNE VALLEY ACTIVITIES: Provide experience development support for the expansion of water activities at Trim base based on opening of the Blueway