Dukleek councillor Stephen McKee has urged Meath County Council to treat the construction of a new playground for Donacarney as a matter of priority.

He told a meeting of the Laytown’Bettystown municipal area

Fianna Fails Stephen McKee

that a site has been identified beyond Glen Boann estate opposite Maiden Hayes on Church Road.

“We know there is a serious lack of public amenities including infrastructure in that area to serve the existing and future local population. The site in question on Church Road is ideal as it is within walking distance of local housing developments, and it is close also to residents in the Colpe area.

“I previously tabled a motion during the county development plan which is seeking designation of the playground on the site on behalf of local residents.

“The zoning is in place for that and I do accept that it is in the county development plan. My motivation for submitting the motion is to ensure that it is not just written on a piece of paper in the country development plan that it is acted upon and is progressed as soon as possible.

“I am heartened by the response of the council that it may be possible to commence the planning and design and element of the project within a year and I’d like a commitment from the council.”