A furious councillor Alan Lawes has hit out at Meath County Council for their handling of a situation that a girl who is three months pregnant forced to sleep rough in Navan on Friday night last.

A young woman in her twenties was forced to spend the night sleeping on the streets after heartless council officials told her they wouldn’t source her emergency accommodation over the weekend.

And a THE councillor has told how despite sending numerous emails and making calls to the councils out of hours emergency service he was unable to help her and had to send her into the care of homeless aid charity thirty miles away.

The incident took place in Navan, County Meath, last Friday when Lawes, a volunteer with Dublin based Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) was contacted by the woman who had found herself in dire straits.

He told Meath Live, ‘ The woman and her partner were living in an emergency accommodation property but a dispute arose with the owners in which they felt they were wronged and they had to leave last Friday afternoon.

‘They rang Meath County Council, who as they had originally housed them, would have known the kid, and that is what she is, was pregnant and were told straight out they could do nothing for them and to ring back on Monday.

‘Well if they could sort them out on Monday why in the name of Jaysus could they not do it on Friday!

‘When I was contacted I emailed the housing officers and got no response so I rang the out of hours number and the receptionist told me he had no contact number for anyone who works for the Council.

‘I tried ringing round loads of B&Bs and incredibly a few of them told me they were only accepting essential workers, while a lot of them told me they were shut due to Covid.

‘So this pregnant young girl had to spend Friday night on the streets, we did manage to provide her with a sleeping bag and blankets but for her to be forced into that situation in the 21st century because some council official decided they couldn’t be bothered to help is not on.’

The next day Lawes contacted ICHH and managed to secure the couple an apartment in Dublin where they spent Saturday and Sunday night.

He revealed, ‘ ICHH have an apartment for just such emergencies but they can only stay there until the Council eventually gets around to helping them, so they are back to square one today. (Monday)

‘ICHH also paid their bus fare from Navan to Dublin and bought them shopping but the whole thing has maddened me.

‘What really infuriated me is that whoever they spoke to in the Council was told the girl was pregnant, they knew that from her files anyway, and yet they still put her on to the streets, that’s wrong it is just plain wrong.’

Meath County Council has been contacted for comment.