Fine Gael councillor, Noel French, has revealed that councillors voted to retain the existing Rural Development Chapter of the 2013-2019 County Development Plan but include the Rural Nodes proposed as per Section 9.5.4 of the Draft Meath County Plan 2021-2027.


French said: “The recommendation from the planners is to remove this proposal from the County Development Plan and replace it with the tighter restrictions proposed previously by the planners and totally rejected by all the councillors”.


The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Consultant Comments were: “The amendment is contrary to the provisions of the Project Ireland 2040 National Planning Framework (NPF). SEA Recommendation: remove proposed amendment and retain Rural Development Strategy of Draft Plan”.


French appealed to the public that if they wish to support the retention of the current rural housing policy and not the new one proposed then they need to make a submission on the plan.

This is the section relevant: NOM 50. Proposed Amendment Chapter 9.1 Grouped Themed Submission No. 1 -Rural Housing Policy. Which can be accessed here: For instructions on making a submission, visit: