Last Friday Meath Live published a story about a planning application to build houses maisonettes and apartments on lands left to the parish of Ashbourne by Ned Nulty the lands adjacent to what is known as Mooney’s Field were to be used in case the Old Killegland graveyard needed to be extended or for the construction of a parochial house.

We revealed how a company called Killegland Estates had recently purchased the lands from the diocese of Meath and intended to build on them.

We asked all five councillors who, acting as a group, had proposed in the county development plan which comes into being this autumn that this land is zoned as open space and used to construct a park for the people of the town, for their reaction.

The five councillors were Suzanne Jamal (FG), Conor Tormey (FF), Aisling O’Neill (SF), Amanda Smith (Ind), and Alan Tobin (FG).

The first three had the courtesy to respond with a usable quote, Smith never got back to us and Tobin told us he wouldn’t talk to us at all about anything ever, or something along those lines.

All of which is fair and reasonable.

But then we discovered that the councillors had used their power under the development plan to transfer the zoning of open space from land near the Nine Mile Stone where the council had plans for a park to this new location.

However what we couldn’t figure out is why they did that.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it in the sense it is within the rules that they are allowed to do so, but we wanted to know why..

So on Friday evening at 5.35 we asked all five, in fact, we sent them the five questions listed below and told them they could make any further comment they wished to, and being patient we gave them until 5 pm on Monday to do so.

It is now 3 pm on Tuesday and nobody has replied.

Do they not know the answers, are they reluctant to speak publicly on the affair we just don’t know.

As a newspaper, albeit an online one, we don’t necessarily deserve answers, but their constituents do and where better than a public forum to supply them.

Feel free to read the questions and air your views and rest assured if we ever do get a response from any of them we will publish it.

In the meantime, we have one further question for all five.

Why the silence?

The questions we asked were;

1; Who are the current owners of Mooney’s Field/Killegland Farm

2; Why did you five councillors acting as a group change the preferred location of the park in Ashbourne from host land at the Nine Mile Stone to the new location which is now the subject of a planning application, simply put, why not leave the preferred location as was

3; When do you anticipate the park being built, how big will it be and what is the projected cost of it

4; Do you have the cooperation of Killegland Estates, the new owners of the land to construct a park

5; How do you propose to gain access to the suggested new site of the park, via Garden City, Churchfields, or the Old Graveyard Road