A row has erupted between elected councillors and Council officials over the bureaucrat’s refusal to make all information they hold on audio and tape recordings of discussions on the County Development Plan, (CDP), available to the elected members.

The current edition of the Phoenix magazine claims that the Independent group on MCC led by the doyen of the council chambers, Brian Fitzgerald, and supported by Sinn Féin have forwarded a Freedom Of Information request seeking the release of the audio and recordings and expresses the opinion that should the ‘laborious FOI process’ not yield up the information the actions could move to the Four Courts.

The problem for those seeking the release is that so far FF and FG who between them hold the balance of power with 24 seats have not backed their call.

Chief Executive of MCC, Jackie Maguire, said she was concerned councillors would believe the executive was writing the minutes to serve its own requirements.

One source told Meath Live, ‘ The question on everybody’s lips is not why MCC won’t release them rather why the two main parties won’t back those looking for them.’