Senator Sharon Keogan has come up with a radical solution to try and stop teens from swimming in a quarry on Station Road in Duleek.

Earlier this week Christopher Rennicks from Meath River Rescue warned about the dangers associated with swimming in certain parts of the River Boyne, but we shouldn’t overlook the dangers inherent in swimming in other areas as well.

And the Senator has come up with what Meath Live thinks is a sensible suggestion if all the possible side effects can be sorted out.

She posted on her Facebook page, with the emphasis on teens being hers, not ours, ‘It has come to my attention the TEENS are swimming in the quarry on the Station Road. I’ve spoken to the owner and asked him to put a permanent dye into the water to deter them.

‘Fences are up, but the TEENS keep breaking in. Now I’m warning all you parents, these quarries are dangerous.

‘I would rather have dyed TEENS than dead teens. Please keep an eye on them.’
We at Meath Live have been known to disagree with the Senator’s ideas in the past but this one appeals to us, however, we did ask Sharon what if somebody became infected by the dye who would be responsible, and she told us, ‘Environmentally friendly dye would be used it would carry a very low risk of that happening.’
Anything that keeps swimmers safe is fine by us.
And if the denizens of Duleek see youngsters wandering around with their hands glowing like Denzil and Trigger in the famous Only Fools And Horses episode at least you will know where they have been.
As we say the suggestion sounds sensible but we would love to hear our reader’s views.