It should have been straightforward enough for Meath Live’s Christine O’Mahony.

She wanted to travel to Belfast from Drogheda on the train.

Step 1; Get to Drogheda train station on time

She managed that and was actually fifteen minutes early on Friday afternoon.

Step 2; Buy a ticket …………………………………………..not as easy as it seems apparently

She can tell you the rest herself.

‘The mother of all mix ups on Ianrod Eireann’s website saw me eventually arrive at my destination over four hours late last Friday.

‘I arrived at Drogheda’s McBride station at 3.40 on Friday afternoon fifteen minutes before she was due to catch a train to Belfast.

‘However, when I went to buy a ticket I was told they were sold out.

‘Bizarrely when I went to check online the website told me there were tickets available on a seven o clock train from Dublin, but ONLY from Dublin, I couldn’t buy the ticket and get on in Drogheda even though the train stopped there.

‘So as I now had to get to Dublin and there wasn’t a train that would have me there on time I hopped on a bus that took me 56 kilometers further away from Belfast and boarded a train that brought me back to where I started!

‘It was ridiculous I didn’t know whether I was coming or going and ended up getting into Belfast around 9.20, in the end, I was just glad I got there at all.

‘Initially, I thought that because it was a bank holiday and it was busy that was why there were no tickets left but when I went to buy one online the system would only allow me to travel from Dublin, and apparently, I couldn’t get on in Drogheda.

‘No matter what I tried I could not purchase a ticket from Drogheda.

‘And it hit me in the pocket too, a return ticket to and from Drogheda was €29 but the only one I could buy in Dublin was a first class single for €29.99, I had to pay €9 on the bus to Dublin and when I eventually got to Belfast had to buy a single backed to Drogheda for £20

‘So instead of paying €29 I ended up forking out over fifty euro

‘I kept saying to myself ‘This is mad Ted’ and I still am not quite sure what exactly went wrong.’

She certainly needed that pint she is enjoying