A furious Meath manager, Andy McEntee, has claimed one of his players was spat on by a Kildare opponent in yesterdays league clash in Newbridge

When he faced the media afterwards a clearly upset McEntee said, “Don’t talk to me about the sendings off,” said McEntee. “We had a player who got spat on in the face and he ends up getting sent off so I mean . . . how many players were involved in that? A) how many players were involved in it, and B) who started it? And what was the outcome? It seems slightly imbalanced to me. But obviously I’m biased.

“Conor McGill is not a fighter. Somebody spits in your face, what are you going to do? There’s no appealing it, you’re wasting your time appealing. That’s always been my experience. If the referee says he struck, he struck.”