Frustrations are growing among residents of the Laytown/Bettystown and Mornington area over the way motorists are abandoning rather than parking their cars on a trip to the seaside.

Mornington man, Macdara Dunne, posted a video on Facebook yesterday which shows dozens of cars parked on a part of the road leading into Bettystown despite a double yellow line being clearly visible.

Many posters commented that the problem has arisen because of the council’s ban on cars being allowed to park on the beach.

Here’s a selection of the reaction to the clip which can be seen below.

Christopher Farrelly

Some bright spark closed the beach for cars due to covid so where do you expect them to park

Annmarie Lynch

All thanks to the car ban on the beach that was snuck in during covid 🙄

Aileen Kerley McCash

Can anyone tell me how to go about starting a clamping business? Think I’d make myself a package and move out of this Costa Dell Idiotown🙄

Emma Louise Maher

Honestly, they need to put bollards the whole way down from the golf course and then they need to tow every car that goes near a footpath.

Claire O’Donoghue

Yeah, it’s across the road on the path too and into Brabazon up to a tiny roundabout there taking up the road there. My husband actually said it to people parking on the road they all just ignored him it’s a disgrace