Gardai believe that the notorious ‘Cock Wall’ burglary gang based in Tallaght were behind the incident that saw an unmarked car rammed in Slane yesterday morning.


Sources have told Meath Live, ‘ The Meath drugs unit is based out of Slane and these guys didn’t know that three plain clothes officers saw them acting suspiciously just outside the village yesterday morning and flagged the car down.


‘These are serious players though and weren’t just going to stop when asked to do so, they took off and there was a short pursuit, close to Slane bridge they turned and rammed straight into the unmarked car, that in itself shows you how reckless they were they could have seriously injured either themselves or the guards and they didn’t care they just wanted to get away.


‘By that stage though all patrol cars available were heading for the area and even though the five of them in the car legged it one was caught almost immediately and another after a short chase.


‘There’s been a spate of burglaries in the Meath area in recent weeks and the ‘Cock Wall’ gang were the chief suspects so it’s fair to say members would have been keeping an eye on their movements.


‘It was a serious enough incident and there was an element of luck involved that nobody was injured.’