This week appears to be very busy for the vaccination programme at Simonstown GAA

There are longer than expected delays if you’re lucky enough to be getting one of your vaccinations at the

People are there in the droves so be prepared you will be waiting.
One individual told Meath Live he’d been just over two hours from the time he arrived.

Another person told us it’s been ramped up big time this week and next.

So be prepared there was well over 140 to 150 queuing today.

When we visited those in the lengthy queue seemed pretty relaxed and getting on with it.

More good news coming through is that the over 60’s will not be waiting for the 12 week period from their first shots, it’s being brought down to 8 weeks.

The anomaly is that there are younger people on the Pfizer programme who are now fully vaccinated but the older persons are not.

All in all, we are getting there and that’s the main thing. We can get back to whatever the ‘new’ normal will be.