Aontú representative for the LaytownBbettystown area , Peter Whelan is calling on all TDs in the county of meath to lobby the Minister for  Justice to allocate more gardai to the region.
He told Meath Live, ‘As  recenlty as this Thursday morning , in Slane village Gardai,  stopped a vehicle , which then rammed the unmarked Garda vehicle and sped off.
‘The vehicle then proceeded to the village square where it collided with another Garda car. The occupants ran off . Two men in their twenties were arrested and the other three are still at large.
The culprits in a vicious assault on Bettystown beach some weeks back are also still at large.
            ‘If we had more gardai present in our towns and villages across the county, these types of crimes would not be happening as regularly as they are.Meath  has the lowest gardai per capita in the country .
‘While I commend the Gardai on their bravery in intercepting these criminals, and applaud the two off duty guards who intervened in the Bettystown attack, I also feel for them as they struggle to keep law and order, with limited resources .
‘ There are many Garda stations in our region that are part time . If you ring for  gardai on the coast of laytown , you are most likely to be diverted to Ashbourne Garda station .
‘Clearly, criminals are aware of all the limitations on our Garda resources and act with the knowledge that they will be well out of sight before a Garda vehicle can be dispatched. I am writing to all TDs in Meath as well as the Minister for justice on this important issue.
‘Myself and my colleagues in Aontú have been calling on extra Garda resources, and reopening of part time Garda stations since the last local elections. This issue needs to be resolved once and for all ‘.