Meath county committee secretary, Mairead Delaney, wanted to conceal the news of Bernard Flynn’s bombshell resignation from the county’s wider GAA public.

In an email, published below, confirming Flynn’s decision, sent to all members of the Management Committee, at 18.45 pm on Friday evening, Delaney outlines the reasons for the legendary attacker’s decision and concludes, ‘ I would ask that this is not discussed outside this committee.’

Why was this requested of committee members given it was a pointless exercise as if Flynn was not in situ for the first round of the under 20 championship people would ask questions.

There is no suggestion that anything was being covered up but it appears obvious that it was an attempt to buy time and either persuade the manager to reconsider or avoid the real reasons for his departure from being widely known.

The Management committee needs to realise they are there to serve the wider GAA community who elected them to their county roles in the first place, and yes there are certain issues that would of necessity need to be kept under wraps, but logic dictates this was not one of them.

Meath Live first got wind of Flynn’s leaving from someone with absolutely no allegiance to Meath GAA at all, in fact, someone who would be far more associated with another sport altogether, so much for keeping it secret.

If the county secretary cannot differentiate between what needs to be kept in house and what should be made public their decision making process is questionable.

AS of 10 am on Saturday morning, apart from statements from the Flynn duo, Bernard outlining why he left and PRO Ciaran confirming he had, there has been no public statement from the county committee on what if it is not a full blown crisis is certainly a mini one.

In a situation like this when those tasked with crisis management remain silent there are two possibilities either a)They have nothing to say or b)They have something to hide.

In this case, the latter can be eliminated as Meath Live understands county chairman John Kavanagh did try and resolve the situation but got nowhere,

What still beggars belief is why the secretary thought the GAA supporting public, who after all dig deep to swell county board coffers shouldn’t be told.

And in case you are interested the meeting referred to in the email is on Tuesday night next!