For those of a certain age, the words Abbey Road immediately brings to mind the iconic peaceful picture of the Beatles strolling over a zebra crossing.

Unfortunately for those living on Navan’s Abbey Road, life has been far from peaceful since the main Bus Eireann bus stop moved there some years ago.

A recent meeting of residents outlined a litany of incidents centering around drug taking, drinking, and brawling, and although it wasn’t raised at the meeting Meath Live is aware of one person being hospitalized after being stabbed there.

One angry local told the meeting, ‘ People who aren’t using the buses at all are now starting to congregate here and you have some people waiting for others to come in on the buses.

‘They are drinking and taking drugs, our gardens are being used as bins and people are using the area to go to the toilet, people sit on steps and walls and leave drink cans and broken bottles behind. Many of them are not even getting buses but have begun hanging around there, sometimes waiting for others to arrive on a bus’.

Sinn Féin councillor Eddie Fennessy was on hand to hear the grievances.

A spokesperson for Bus Eireann said the Navan bus terminus was relocated to Abbey Road by Meath County Council to facilitate civil works in Navan town as local authorities are responsible for approval of bus stop locations.

“Bus Éireann is aware of some anti-social behaviour around this location and is working with An Gardaí Síochána and Meath County Council. We understand additional CCTV has been fitted in the area. All of Bus Éireann’s vehicles are fitted with internal and external CCTV cameras, while drivers also have a direct communications link to operation control centres.

“Bus Éireann will continue to work closely with all stakeholders on the operation of services from Abbey Road to ensure the safety of all.

“We encourage customers to make complaints to our Bus Éireann Customer Care department on LoCall 1850 836 611 or by email:,”.