A furious fireman has been left flaming mad after the HSE keep sending him texts for Covid vaccination appointments even though he has told them countless times he was fully vaccinated months ago.

And he’s counting the cost on his phone bill too as he has spent countless hours calling to cancel appointments he should never have been sent.

Fifty five year old Cathal Garvey, from Slane was vaccinated through his work in February but has been receiving a steady stream of messages to his phone ever since.

The latest text came in the middle of last week telling him he was due to be vaccinated at twenty past four tomorrow, and as of yet, he hasn’t been able to cancel this one.

That appointment is actually the third he was sent for this month alone, and on one occasion despite him calling to cancel an HSE official rang him shortly after he was due to be seen at the centre in Simonstown GFC in Navan to inquire why he hadn’t shown up!

Frustrated Cathal revealed, ‘ Because I am a front line worker, I am a paramedic as well as a fireman, I was vaccinated as far back as last February, but since then I keep getting messages for new appointments.

‘I was sent one for the fourth of this month so I rang the number you call and explained the situation and was told it was fine that it was cancelled.

‘That appointment was for 9.40 am and bizarrely about an hour after that some guy rang me asking why I hadn’t turned up.

‘Then I got sent a second appointment for the fourteenth of June at 13.50, so to be on the safe side when I called this time I asked to speak to a supervisor and when he eventually came on to me he apologised and cancelled that one.

‘I thought that would be the end of it but unbelievably I got another one for today so I called for the third time and again requested to speak to a supervisor but was told there was none available and that one would call me back but so far nobody has.

‘What is upsetting me most is that there are probably loads waiting for an appointment who could have had any of the ones I don’t need, and if it is happening to me I would bet it is happening all over the country.

‘Surely by this stage when my name comes up on their computer screen they should realise I have already been done, I have told them enough times, that’s for sure.

‘Now if it was just a case of ringing in and cancelling it that wouldn’t be too bad, but by the time you get through all the messages and finish pushing all the buttons and then waiting for a supervisor, it can be nearly an hour each time.

‘At first, it was funny, then it was frustrating now it is downright annoying and I just want it to stop as it is driving me mad.’