The Meath West Ógra Fianna Fáil summer general meeting Took place earlier this week on zoom, The meeting was attended by members of Fianna Fáil from across The constituency, also present where observers from neighbouring counties and the rest of Ireland. The meeting was addressed by Ógra President Bryan Mallon & Ógra National equality officer Seana Brady.
A Highlight of the Meeting was The election of 2 new Officer’s, this section of the meeting commenced when Meath West Ógra policy officer Niall Gaffney put forward a motion to create the position of Meath west Ógra equality officer, an election was then held & OCM Fintan Bray of Westmeath was elected unopposed. Following the election of Fintan Bray Cian Harmon was elected to fill the vacant position of OCM.
Meath West Ógra Chairperson Cormac Corr formally welcomed Fintan & Cian To the Board & wished them the best of luck with their new positions, this was seconded by Meath West Ógra secretary Conor Finn & the Deputy Chairperson Cllr. Mike Bray.
Mike Bray then proceeded to move That the Board congratulate his Council colleague Cllr. Sean Drew – Who has recently been elected as the chairperson of Meath county council, The motion subsequently passed unanimously & was seconded by all members in attendance.