Carol Kehoe, a Tipperary woman, domiciled in Dunboyne, made a candid admission to Meath Live, when she said, ‘Back when I was working in IT I was almost physically ill with nerves when I had to speak to an audience at a presentation.


She’s not alone in that and like many others, she found a solution in her local Toastmasters group, in her case the one in Dunboyne.


She revealed, ‘ Basically Toastmasters is a group set up to help people improve their public speaking, and trust me it works, I know first hand that it does. I now teach computer skills in the mental health sector and am a lot less nervy when I have to speak publicly.


‘I’ll own up and admit that although it helped enormously work wise, the real reason I joined was that my sister was getting married and I had to make speech at the wedding what I learned in the group got me through that occasion and I haven’t looked back since.’


There are many and varied reasons why people join the group, which meets, on the second and fourth Monday of each month in Dunboyne Castle, although Covid has restricted their gatherings to being of the Zoom variety, but there is one basic reason common to all who join.


Carol explains, ‘People who join are about to do something outside their comfort zone and we help with that, learning how to speak in public is a huge confidence builder, of course, some join for the social aspect, but the majority are about to undertake something they’re not very comfortable with and we can help them with that.’


Meath Live will gladly propose a toast to that.