The National Car Test has introduced On-Board Diagnostics Testing (OBD) as part of the NCT Test from 21 June 2021, writes Brian Byrne. The testing is related to the implementation of EU Directive 2014/45.

OBD is a computer system in a car that tracks and regulates a vehicle’s performance, collecting information from sensors. OBD testing will be introduced on a phased basis. From June 21, any finding of an error code will result in the car being given an ‘Advisory Pass’, but from early in 2022 it may constitute a reason for failure.

Errors which may give a failure rating are those relating to the braking system, but the inspection will also check the vehicle identification number and the accuracy of the odometer reading and note any discrepancies on the report.

New regulations in the car testing regime will also allow for a combination of deficiencies in one area of a vehicle to have it classified as ‘Failed Dangerous’.