Homes on an Enfield estate have been surrounded by shipping containers – as occupants claim that they are being coerced into moving out.

Residents of the Johnstown House estate have told about the fact that the containers have been installed on the estate which is a hotel complex now owned by businessman Barry English and his wife.

Mr English gave evidence to the Mahon Tribunal as one of the dig-out businessmen named by Bertie Ahern as cash donors to explain mysterious cash lodgements to his bank account. He said he was moved to give the former Taoiseach IR£5,000 in cash.

Now three householders at the estate, who say they bought their lodges outright from the liquidator of the complex before the bulk was sold to Mr English, claim they are suffering harassment and have had gas and water supply disrupted.

Asked about the claims yesterday, Mr English told the Irish Independent: “I don’t resolve my disputes through the media. You’re getting a story obviously from one side. I’m not sure I want to use the media as the method of solving the dispute.” He declined to answer questions about the deployment of the containers.


Lodge owner Peter Wilson, who says he also represents five others, said: “I bought Lodge 416 approximately one year ago from the receiver of Cliffeature Ltd, the company which previously owned the hotel and developed 40 lodges in the grounds.

I moved into my property with all my furniture and child’s possessions. Within a very short period of time, my electricity was cut off. I was then forced to use a generator for power.

Within days, both my patio and that of No. 435 were dug up and both my water pipes and gas pipes were damaged and cut under the ground. I had paid my Local Property Tax.

We then proceeded to repair the damaged pipes to both properties and filed a complaint with the Gardaí.

They assured me action would be taken. I have confirmed I am the freehold owner and have never signed any other documents or entered into any other agreement.”