Meath Live has learned that Meath County Council was warned about unacceptable behaviour at a property they were using to place vulnerable women into emergency accommodation over a week before councillor Alan Lawes first advised them of the allegations.

In an email sent in the afternoon of May 20th from inside the residence, two young women alerted them to the problem.

Worryingly they concluded, ‘We don’t feel safe here.’

And a staff member from the local authority traveled to the location to speak to the women but ultimately while one of them sourced alternative accommodation themselves the second girl remains in the property.

The girl who organised a move for herself told us, ‘I was offered a move to another property a very short distance away, which is overseen by the same people or a move to Dundalk, in the end when it was made clear that was all that was on the table I rang another place myself and moved there.’

We print a redacted version of the email, exactly as sent, below, having excluded the names of both the senders and the recipient in the council.

Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2021 3:29:58 PM
Subject: Re: Assessment


Iv been here three weeks. I am very greatful for a bed but I am not happy with certain things going on here and especially the men around.  On my first week I was sexually harassed by a man living here but he has been moved to (deleted) but came to my car and started a fight with me while I was just cleaning it.  Myself and my friend  another girl around my age both are recovering from substance and  both are proud to be a year off it but there is drug abuse here. We don’t feel safe here and it is impacting on our mental health a lot. The kitchens have been closed for two days now because people dumping plates etc in the bin because they won’t wash up so we can’t eat. The reason I am speaking for both is because im on my laptop and she has given me permission to speak on her behalf. If there is somewhere else available or even share a room we would be greatful for it. There is a lot going on here behind doors and should be looked into. We would really appreciate your help. We just don’t feel safe here.